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Are you beginning to search for greater meaning in your life, wanting to know “Is this all there is?

Does the idea of starting your own business both excites and paralyzes you?

Are you unhappy with current job or career choice and want to make a change but don’t know where to start?

Do you want to ensure a happy retirement but need help getting a better grip on your money?

Are your children leaving home and you are ready to transition life without them being so close?

Are you stressed with your current situation and experience burnout during the day?


If you answered YES to any of these questions then you need a CERTIFIED LIFE COACH

Coaching is for you if you want a safe place to explore barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals. If you've ever wanted to process and communicate your deepest thoughts, goals and desires, ever held the thought, "If only I had the confidence to make my dreams come true.", ever wished that you had a sounding board, someone who is a non-judgmental listener and truly interested in your success, and if you're willing and ready to make positive changes in your life.

life coach

Doctor of Philosophy candidate with a concentration in Holistic Coaching at the University of Sedona and the owner of Satari Life Skills Institute. I have over 15 years of combined experience in organizational management, social services and customer service.  Spending time with my family and enjoying nature, whether at the beach or discovering a nature trail, these are some of my favorite things.  I consider myself to be a life long learner and can always be found engaged in reading and stimulating conversation and discussions. 
  1. Individual Private Sessions

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  5. Phone

Note: All sessions are 60 minutes. In that time you are given the opportunity to set the agenda and bring to each session challenges or specific situations to address.