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We Help Ordinary People With Everyday Problems Create Extraordinary Solutions.

Ask Yourself:

Am I living an authentic lifestyle?

What is my purpose?

Are my values in alignment with my behaviors?

Am I leaving this world better than I found it because of my contributions?

Create An Authentic Lifestyle


Satari Self Care Institute empowers motivated individuals seeking personal and professional development in the areas of self-care, career development, business building and wealth consciousness.


At Satari Self Care Institute, we ask powerful questions and allow individuals to formulate answers that work for them. 


Here you are able to voice your fears, dreams, and goals, enhance critical thinking, and develop practical solutions in a nonjudgmental environment.


Become your best self.


About us.

We Help Ordinary People, With Everyday Problems, Create Extraordinary Solutions.

We are a Self Care Institute that offers personal development classes and workshops, a radio show, and a monthly Master Mind Group.  The journey to beoming our highest self is one that an be shrouded by a lack of resources and support.   Our purpose is to empower and to be a becon of enlightenment. 

Mission Statement

We are a Self Care Etiquette school that teaches self care techniques and work/life balance principles. 


Vision Statement

To help all ordinary people, with everyday problems, seek extra ordinary solutions. 


We Help Ordinary People With Everyday Problems Focus, Plan, & Succeed!

Our specially designed courses have been developed by experts in the field providing real-world tools and strategies that have been proven to yield solid results.